Trade Obstacles Alert Mechanism (TOAM) Brochure 2024

May 3, 2024

Trade Obstacles Alert Mechanism

Trade regulations and procedures represent a major source of obstacles to international trade and a particular challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises in Seychelles……..

AfCFTA Export Guide

April 23, 2024

AfCFTA Export Guide

The AfCFTA Trade in Services Export Guide aims to provide Seychellois businesses, and entrepreneurs with the trade-based information necessary to offer their services to the African market. Research shows…….

Registered Intellectual

March 1, 2024

Registered Intellectual

Property in Seychelles for 2023…….

Press Release-11th EDF EPA Project is continuing its cooperation with the SCCI

December 22, 2023

Press Release-11th EDF EPA Project

Press-Release- 11th EDF EPA Project is continuing its cooperation with the SCCI in giving support to the Private Sector, in particular, the SMEs and Start-ups. …….

Seychelles Trade Success Story – Bristol Enterprises Limited

December 22, 2023

Seychelles Trade Success Story

“Trade Success” is a series about stories of entrepreneurs who benefit from the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)between the European Union (EU) and signatory countries of the Eastern and Southern Africa…….

‎Seychelles at a Glance

Seychelles has a mixed, developing economy that is heavily dependent on tourism and ‎fisheries. Growth has been led by the tourism sector and by tuna fishing. The tourism ‎industry directly employs about 30% of the labour force and directly and indirectly accounts ‎for over 70% of the GDP.

Type of Economy Open Economy
Inflation (yearly average) 9.96% (2021)‎
National Currency Seychelles Rupees (SCR)‎
Labour Force (December 2021)‎ ‎66.7%‎‎
Unemployment (December 2021)‎‎ ‎3.3%‎‎
Exchange Rate (Jan 2022) Central bank of ‎Seychelles Website‎
  • US$ 1= SCR 14.72‎
  • € 1= SCR 16.92
  • ‎£ 1= SCR 20.06‎
Agricultural products‎ ‎Sweet potatoes,‎Cinnamon, cassava, and ‎Banana
Industries‎ ‎Tourism, Fisheries, Manufacturing, ‎Financial and Agriculture‎‎
Industrial production growth rate‎ ‎Due to COVID 19 in 2021 it decreases ‎‎15.20% in 2021.However prior to COVID, ‎it was 3.2%‎‎‎
Commercial bank prime lending rate ‎Average 8.5%‎
Business Hours‎ ‎‎08.00Hrs-16.00hrs‎

Internet penetration rate (% Population)‎ 72.1%
Internet subscriptions 31-Dec-2020‎ 119,010
Internet Users 31-DEC-20‎ ‎71,300‎‎
Internet Growth % 2000 – 2020‎ ‎‎1,088 %‎
Facebook subscribers 31-DEC-2020‎ ‎‎71,300‎‎‎

Seychelles has yet to establish a holistic strategy for tapping into the full benefits of the ‎digital economy. Given the many benefits as well as drawbacks, efforts are being made to ‎establish national positions. The use of existing consultations platforms such as the National ‎Committee on Domestic Regulations for Trade in Service has begun working on establishing ‎a national strategy to fully tap into the benefits of the digital economy.‎

‎Future Plan for E-Commerce

A future with e-commerce is a future paved towards growth. There exists great potential to ‎promote greater international trade and contribute to the country’s international ‎development by improving access to markets and communities that would be otherwise ‎inaccessible. ‎ As such, plans for the future are to:‎

  • First and foremost improve the structure of e-commerce by reviewing and modernizing laws ‎and regulations governing e-commerce as well as protecting consumers.
  • Moreover, conduct assessments to obtain a deeper view of the status of E-commerce in the ‎country.
  • and finally, formulate and introduce an action plan to guide the country’s efforts on this ‎area.
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