Press Release-The Import Permit Unit- E-Service application

The Import Permit Unit of the Trade Department has announced that since the start of the week, all Government agencies, NGOs and Offshore companies can access its e-service and apply for their permits. PR – New entities to access Import Permit Unit e-service – 20.03.2023 Any client wishing to have access to the e-service must first register with the Import Permit Office to have a valid e-ID. The following documents are required for the registration process:
  • Company TIN Certificate
  • A valid NIN card
  • A valid email address
Also the Unit has introduced the digital signing f their permits so to increase its authenticity and security, and for this reason issued permits will no longer be printed. The Import Permit Unit launched its e-service for import and export permits in 2012.   The current version of the e-service is accessible only to legal entities that have a Business Registration Number and individuals with a valid NIN. In 2022, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the process to open the e-service to Government agencies, NGOs and Offshore companies was initiated. The Trade Department will be organising weekly training sessions on how to use the e-service in order to promote the use of the digital platform. For additional information, please contact the Import Permit Office on the: 2nd Floor, Maison Esplanade Telephone number 4382161, 4382162, 4382143. Email:
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