Message from the Principal Secretary of Trade Department

Dear Esteemed Stakeholders,

Following Seychelles’ accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in April 2015, it ‎became essential to have in place a functioning Trade Portal.
The purpose of the portal is to increase knowledge of both local and foreign business ‎communities, prospective investors, and other interested parties on Seychelles’ trade and ‎trade-related information, as a member of WTO. ‎

The government being facilitator in the business environment, will through the Trade Portal be ‎adding another important element to the existing framework, for promoting investment and ‎facilitating trade. It will serve as the window for deepening knowledge with up-to-date ‎information, policies, and procedures on trade and trade-related information for improving ‎decision-making by investors.

While the Trade Portal offers a range of benefits, the latter would only ‎materialise ‎with frequent and effective usage of the platform. In that regard, I would therefore ‎encourage the local business community, potential investors, and also the general public in ‎Seychelles to make use of this platform and derive from it the maximum benefit. Last, but not ‎least, I thank the European Union for Technical Assistance, the EPA Project Team and all other ‎contributors involves in making this project a reality.

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