It is very important to ensure that the correct model of the declaration is selected to ensure that ‎the correct type of control and data of the ASYCUDA World System is made available. Bills of Export ‎are required for the following Models of Declaration:‎

  • EX 1‎ Permanent Exportation
  • EX 2‎ Temporary Export
  • EX 3‎ Re-export

As of 1st July 2023, products originating in Seychelles shall, on exportation to the EU,

benefit from the preferential tariff treatment of the EU-ESA interim Economic Partnership Agreement only upon submission of an invoice declaration made out, as provided for in Article 23 of Protocol 1, by: (i) an exporter from Seychelles registered in the Registered Exporter System of the European Union, or (ii) any exporter from Seychelles, for any consignment consisting of one or more packages containing originating products, the total value of which does not exceed EUR 6,000. Below is the link to access the guidelines to register in the Registered Exporter System

Registered Exporters Guidelines REX System

A normal style commercial invoice is required (three copies), signed by the shipper (facsimile ‎signatures are not accepted) declaring that the details on the invoice are true and correct.

Information to be declared on the invoice includes:‎

  • full details of all parties involved and final destination if this is different from the address ‎shown;‎
  • country of origin of the goods (very important); ‎
  • transport details; ‎
  • shipping term (the Incoterms® 2010 rule, eg FCA, CIP, DAP) used; ‎
  • method of payment; packing details including net and gross weights and the container ‎number if full
  • container shipment being sent; ‎
  • detailed descriptions of goods, including quantity; ‎
  • unit prices, full amount including freight and insurance costs (when applicable). ‎

The invoice should also contain a signed clause confirming that the invoice details are true and ‎correct and that no arrangement has been entered into affecting the price of the goods between ‎the exporter and purchaser by way of discount, rebate, compensation, or in any manner other ‎than what is shown on the invoice.
‎‎If the goods being shipped are eligible for preferential import duty rates then you should provide a ‎combined Certificate of Value and Origin (C/VO) instead of the normal style invoice. (Combined ‎Certificate of Value and Origin Form No. 744A or No. 529 A4 size, one-sided only, on the back of ‎which invoices are printed). Packing List A packing list is recommended to assist Customs clearance ‎containing marks, weights and dimensions and content details. No specific form is required though ‎this should generally be in two copies.

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