Blue Economy

Seychelles has developed a Blue Economy roadmap, which defines how Seychelles will make ‎maximum use of its 1.358 million square kilometres of ocean in the most sustainable ‎manner possible. This comprehensive roadmap covers the whole spectrum of potential ‎resources from oil exploration, to aquaculture, sustainable fishing and even eco-tourism. ‎Renowned internationally for its success in the Blue Economy in Africa, Seychelles inspires ‎many of its counterparts in the region to follow the same agenda. Sustainability is central to ‎the success of the Blue Economy concept and this has multi-sectorial implications.

To better ‎coordinate the approach of the Blue Economy concept, the Department of the Blue ‎Economy was established in 2015 and it has been promoting the sustainable use of marine ‎resources as well as coordinating its approach for the usage of the Exclusive Economic Zone ‎‎(EEZ). Any business activity within the EEZ will be developed according to the Seychelles ‎Marine Spatial Plan and will have to reflect sustainable use of marine resources.‎


Will make use of square of ocean

0 Million kilometres


Generated an income of

0Million USD


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