Manufacturing sector

The manufacturing sector has a significant impact on the economy of Seychelles. In 2019, it ‎contributed more than 11 % of the country’s total GDP. The manufacturing industry is ‎estimated to be growing at a rate of about 4% annually. Most of the manufacturers are ‎small scale, consisting mainly of food processing plants, cigarette, and alcohol ‎manufacturing, one of the biggest employers in Seychelles, is the Indian Ocean Tuna (IOT) ‎factory which is currently partly owned by the Thai union (60%), the major shareholder and ‎the Government of Seychelles (40%), which manufactured canned Tuna for export to the ‎European Union (EU) market.‎

Sectors: Food Processing, Cigarette, Beverages.‎

  • Contribution to the economy:
  • ‎11%‎
  • Growth rate:
  • 4%‎


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